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Making his list at ECOterre is: A customized list with tips to help choose what suits you. Careful selection, healthy, biological and ecological products A wide range of choice, whether in mothering, big and small nursery, bedding, blanket, games, toys, as well as baby care products for the rest of the family. No purchase the list (except large items on special order). A combo at any time via the online site. Easy sharing your list by email or Facebook cards offered to join your invitations. The facility to family and friends: can buy in stores, online or by phone. A gift voucher worth 10% * of total purchases, excluding coupon valid on ALL the store / site. And many other benefits ...
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
The list can be opened at any time during pregnancy!
So go ahead, create your online list or visit us at 5 Brimboriau way to 7822 Ghislenghien (in the zoning facing the water tower and Midas).
You will discover nearly 15,000 inventory items on a 210m² surface! Free private parking.
* 10% in gift check if the total purchase is above 250 €. Below, a purchase of 5% will be granted. => AS A LIST OF CREATIVE GIFTS
Use all possibilities with ease
Quickly communicate the address of the list
• Share your list on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
• Send an invitation email to your friends by personalizing it with the possiblility to see it before it is sent.
• Getting the web link from your list to send it by yourself with your email
• propose Or search by name
Mastering his list
• Add a product without the need to create list previously (automatic creation of a list if none exists)
• Receive an email list creation confirmation
• Protect your list with a password
• Post your photo and host your welcome message
• Select the list type, the date of the event (optional)
• Allow donors to use your address as the delivery address on the donation
• Post your list when you're ready, to make it visible and the possibility to buy
• Give priority to your products, down 5 levels to determine the display order
• Add or remove a product at any time, and the desired amount by product
Know in real time
• that brought you what, in real time, either on the screen or by a pdf
• the messages from your friends • the quantities offered, and the remaining quantities • thank donors directly by email link
Beware, if you want to send gifts home, it is quite possible and as and when you wish. However, we do not send free that above a total purchase amount of € 75 and A YOUR REQUEST.
Thank you to take this into consideration and inform buyers if they want they'll be delivered directly.
To end your list, thank you to send an email to